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Plus, many of these aspects will have unintended consequences. The business ideas and business plans developed by the winners in the Accenture Enablis Business Launchpad Competition were not just excellent by South African standards; they were of a world class standard.

Business Competitions Description: If you have a great business idea, the FNB Enablis Business Plan Competition is designed to take promising entrepreneurs to the next level, with over R10 million in potential funding, valuable prizes and business benefits on offer.

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Jurie Welman - Chairman President, Africa, India, Middle East, CHEP South Africa Mashego Mashego - Vice Chairman Executive Director, Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd. Arif Hussain - Treasurer. BUSINESS PLAN / N Empowerment Fund Business Plan for /16 2 Approval of the Business Plan Recommended by the CEO for endorsement Endorsement by the Accounting Authority economically inclusive South Africa.

We seek to be the lead financier of B-BBEE investments in the DFI space. Mission. Through its focus on business start-ups, FNB and its partners are helping to add value to the businesses of emerging entrepreneurs says Heather Lowe, head of enterprise development at FNB. Business LaunchPad - South Africa.


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